This is great, @Lilley :)

  1. aphotic.  it means: lacking light; especially not reached by sunlight; "the aphotic depths of the sea"
  2. jubilant.  i hate that word.
  3. music!  and good company :) 
  4. I have to agree with @Lilley; negativity is a huge turn off.
  5. once again, have to agree with @Lilley.  I use the "f word" like it's my job.
  6. rain, or purring cats.  and heartbeats.
  7. my alarm clock every morning.
  8. Well, I'm a waitress-would-be-author now, so pretty much any upgrade would be nice.  I'd like to be a personal assistant/secretary, maybe a ballerina but I'm not coordinated enough, haha :)
  9. Anything political or involving waste-management or health professions.
  10. "Hey, I read your books.  We have a printing press here, I'd like to see your next novel."  lol. ;D
The End

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