She put her forehead on the bars letting her revealing outfit to reveal far more skin then necessary to seduce any man. Now I wouldn't say i'm a pervert but I'm a guy right and I admit I liked what I saw. What I disliked however is I had no idea how to handle the fact that she locked me in a cage far away from everyone else, and to top it off even being my favourite fictional character that I made up I didn't know how to deal with women.

"Which means,  your are all mine." Her voice sounded quite appealing.

However I was unhappy, I'm already caged in at school being caged in a daydream just didn't seem right to me.

"Oh is that true? What if it was the other way." I said coolly grabbing the hilt of my sword on my back," Stand back."  I warned before drawing my sword and began gathering up what shard would call subject energy. The cage became an orange blur as it exploded with sounds of metal being cut. I stopped the storm of my sword and energy and watched as a cloud of debris fell  only revealing myself holding my sword behind me.

"467 strikes , I wanted to do 500." I said a little shamed.

Vicky smiled a little impressed but suddenly got angry and changed into a dragon again. She jumped forwards I managed to roll out of the way. I had no intentions of hurting her even if it was a dream. Vicky in her dragon form turned around breathing a blast of  fire so hot the air around it expanded a rate that shattered glass inside the room. I jumped out up just in time as the fireball exploded melting anything around it. Victoria changed into the seductive human form she took earlier. Probably out of guilt that she nearly hurt me twice.  She was smiling again. What did she have up her sleeve now? I landed on the ground and jumped back sheathing the blade, which suddenly unsheathed itself and laid itself neatly beside the golden throne.

"You won't be needing that anymore." Vicky said. As the floor I stood on raised around me binding my arms to the rocks , not even with subject energy would I be able to break out of this one.

"What are you playing at?" I asked.

The End

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