All Mine

Victoria growled in the pit of her throat, her body changing into the black dragon. The minotaur before them pawed the ground with its hoof, its neck pumping up and down.

She stood in front of Shard, protecting him.


After they had jumped down into the maze, he had surprised Vicky with a passionate kiss before taking her hand, leading her through the maze.

She wasn't sure if he had done so for the sake of the adventure or if he truly had feelings for Victoria as she did for him.

Her thoughts on this were interupted by the minotaur.


Now, Victoria breathed flame upon the monstrosity. It howled in pain, charging blindly past them, its coarse fur on fire.

She changed back into her human form, shivering as the damp cold of the maze affected her bare flesh much more than her scales had.

Shard draped his blue trench coat over her shoulders. She hugged it around her, following him through the maze.

The walls seemed to go on and on.

Victoria now had time to think. Why on earth was Shard suddenly in control?

With a malicious grin, she changed the scenery. Shard found himself in a castle, in a cage, which was sitting before a magnificent golden throne. Upon said throne was Victoria in her dragoness form, her claws rapping a hollow rythym upon the chair's arm.

Your friends are far far away, and in a lot of trouble

The black dragon slunk towards him, shrinking into the human Victoria. She was in the same skimpy outfit. The enchantress leaned forward, placing her forehead against the bars of the cage. By doing so, the front of her garment slung low, revealing far too much skin for Shard's liking.

"Which means, you are all mine,"



The End

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