So close and yet...

Catherine had been leading the group up the side of the volcano, worried about what exactly Victoria was doing, when it all disappeared. They had been so close to the top too. Oh well, such was the nature of Daydreams.

Now she stood looking up at the sad ruin of a once grand colosseum. The stones were hidden by ivy and moss and it was rather foreboding.The air was still and close around them and echoing around the ancient walls were the alarming sounds of the various monsters inside the maze.

Alright kids, suit up, this could get nasty. Catherine admitted.

At once, everyone who hadn't done so already changed into fighting gear of various styles. Within moments they were ready. Catherine had poofed herself up onto one of the walls to try and get a better look at what was waiting for them. She couldn't see much, but she did see Shard and a young woman (whom she guessed was Victoria) jump down into the maze. She smiled and turned back to her companions.

Let's try and stay together, or if we have to split up, no one goes by themselves, understand?

A few rolled their eyes.

The End

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