A top of the a treasure filled volcano.

I saw that it was Vicky once playing as the black dragon seeing that she had changed into another form. Now she lay on her back on a mountain of coins beckoning me towards her. I was a little confused to why she had picked me and this setting and wondered what did she want of me? Whatever, I'm sure things will get interesting.

I walked towards her as a pillar of magma shoots off into the background causing the rock to shake from the release of energy. The heat in this jacket was uncomfortable but I refused outright to remove a protective layer against the lava.  Hot drafts of air lifted  whipped the trench coat  around making the scene overly dramatic.

"Hello." I say calmly sitting beside Vicky who was wearing a revealing black outfit. Her amber eyes however demanded the most of my attention .

"Hey." She replied

"Nice place. So what are you..." Bang  I was interrupted as the collum of rock shook, and cracked. On the caldera of volcano was the other dreamers geared up for some sort of attack.

"Looks like their here." Vicky said sounding kind of dissapointed.

"Alright lets change the scenery one more time." I said with a smile standing up grabbing the hilt of my sword. The volcano began to shake as the lava began to disapear and rocks began to smooth, and soon were were standing in an abandoned colisseum overgrown with vines, and moss, however in the middle was a maze filled with large rooms and corridors, in the middle however was a door seeming to lead to nowhere. The fellow dreams were on one side of the maze and vicky and I stood on the other entrance. Inside the maze were monsters and beasts.

"Lets go!" I said with a grin jumping down into the maze.

The End

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