Late Again

I stumbled onto a landscape of rocks and dirt. The sky was a blazing red and gold lay everywhere. Serves me right for not answering the call, I missed everything.

Backtracking, I'd had to wait until lunch to answer the call of "shall we" from Catherine, since I was already struggling through my classes, I couldnt afford to zone out. Entering now I'd instinctively changed into my male alter ego, Jack Simmons, Black hair, cut short but shaggy, average height and toned build, I was glad to be wearing a dark tunic and pants as I tripped over several large rocks and went tumbling down a hill. Getting up, I saw Catherine, Joey and Krista running towards the volcano on the horizon.

"Jeez guys, what'd I miss?" I said in Jacks slightly rougher tones. "Where're Vicky and Shard? I thought I heard 'em reply."

Catherine pointed to the volcano without a word.

The End

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