The Cave

Joey barely paid attention to what Victoria and Catherine were saying in the desert. The heat was unbearable for someone wearing a jacket, so he was taking it off, only to have the scenery suddenly change to a cave. With a sigh, he shrugged it back on.

"Ok kids, it looks like Victoria's pretty upset, so be on your guard. This is going to get real interesting, real fast." Catherine said.

"Works for me," Joey said, his voice echoing around the cave. This wasn't the best idea in a bat-filled cave.

The bats on the ceiling stirred, like the wind blowing through a black forest. Joey gulped as the bats took flight and flew straight at him and his friends. He dove for the ground so he wouldn't be hit by the large mob, but suddenly Krista was in front of him, throwing a handful of some strange, glittering white powder at the bats. The bats grew still, and fell to the ground.

Krista turned back to the rest of them, smiling. "Aren't you glad you have a warlock with you?"

Joey nodded as he rose. Picking their way through the stunned bat bodies, the group made their way deeper in to the cave.

The End

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