An angry dragon means trouble

Catherine sighed as she watched Victoria shoot towards the castle that had suddenly appeared. One of Victoria's ideas, no doubt. She thought to Joey and Shard. They smiled and set off for the castle, while Krista vanished and then poofed into existence, rolling into the stone wall.

Victoria was already scrambling up the walls without waiting for everyone else, which wasn't nice at all, so Catherine decided that perhaps it was time the scenery changed.

Hold on! She thought and without any kind of warning at all, the mountains, river, valley, forests and castle disappeared, only to be replaced with a wide expanse of scrubland. Her lungs were filled with the hot, dry air of the Nevada desert. Or at least something that looked very similar to the Nevada desert. The black dragon dropped to the ground with a dull thud and sent up a cloud of reddish dust. Everyone laughed. They were used to sudden changes in terrain or in the appearance of their companions.

Vicky! You can't just go one without the rest of us! We're all in this together...unless you're going to go off and play villain?

Yeah? Well maybe I will!

Catherine could hear the irritation in the dragon's smoky voice, and knowing that an angry dragon means trouble, tried to lighten the mood. Go for it! We need one anyways or this is just going to get boring.

They all watched as the dragon flew off, turning to a black speck in the distance. Catherine hoped that Victoria wouldn't be too angry with her, but it wasn't fair of her to just jump ahead of everyone else. Suddenly they were in a cave. A dark spooky cave, with bats chittering on the ceiling and the slow creepy drip of unseen water.

Catherine, fearing that this time Victoria was taking things a little too seriously, thought up form-fitted fighting gear made from stiffened leather. A shining sword hung from the belt and a bow and quiver of arrows were across her back.

Ok kids, it looks like Victoria's pretty upset, so be on your guard. This is going to get real interesting, real fast.

The End

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