When Krista heard the call, she didn't go immediately. She was in World History, and she actually liked that class. No, she waited until geometry. Hiding behind her textbook, she focused on a blank spot and let her mind wander.  She took on her favorite form, a warlock. She was wearing a tunic and baggy pants over her brown skin. She patted her belts, full of potions and powders. She tapped the dagger in her boot. Then she  walked over to the others.

There was a strong wind blowing and as she squinted into the sky, she saw the great black shape of Victoria flying in the sky. A castle appeared on the horizon. She grinned and sent a mental message to Victoria.

Want to race? Even though she couldn't see her face from this distance, she knew that she would be scowling. Clapping her hands together, she focused on a grassy spot in front of the castle and closed her eyes. She felt the ground beneath her feet change and fell over. Krista found herself rolling head over heels until she finally crashed int0 the castle wall. Victoria landed nearby and laughed. Krista got to her feet shakily and picked plants out of her frizzy brown hair. That's what I get for teleporting to unfamiliar terrain.  She turned toward the others, who were making their way over.

"They're going to take a while to get here. What do you think that we should do, Victoria?" She heard a scrabbling noise and realized that Victoria was already scaling the castle wall.

"Victoria, not yet!" She jogged toward her.

The End

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