The Castle

Victoria chuckled, What, I can't have a little fun? It wasn't a real lamb.... She protested, giving Joey puppy dog eyes. He promptly ignored her, turning his attention back to Catherine.

Victoria snorted in rage. Everyone always gave Catherine all the attention, just because she could start this amazing shared daydreams.

Kevin, or Shard as he preferred to be called, walked towards them, his trench coat billowing behind him.

Her heart flip-flopped in her chest. She found herself purring - and the others were staring at her.

Victoria blushed - well, her cheeks grew hot. She wasn't sure if they changed color though - and looked down, scratching at the earth with her claws.

Shard was unaware of Vicky's embarrasing act, and was chatting to Catherine.

Victoria was bored of all this talk. She wanted to fly, to soar through the clouds and shape the world to her own desire. Grinning, she took off, stirring the grass as her wings beat the air.

The other imaginers shielded their faces with their arms, battling the gale she was creating.

Victoria soared over the hills, watching with delight as a castle sprang into existence beneath her, its multicolored flags whipping about in the breeze. Licking the lamb's blood from her teeth, she dove towards the structure.

Prepare yourself, brave knights. The black dragon has come....

The End

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