"Kevin get your head out of that book! Understand? You're behind by a week in this class you dish out excuses faster then a machine firing a bullet." Mrs Aradian began berating me in class.  While the other students just laughed.  Why did she have to make everything I do public? All I was doing was catching up on our book because I had missed lot of classes due to being sick.

Its not like I already have problems with my fellow peers already but the teacher making it public that i was not doing so well was just very much unwelcome.

"shall we?"  Catherines voice broke though the dull, grey, hatred towards school and my classmates.

"Hell ya!" I replied  knowing escaping reality will only make reality harder later on but right now I needed to get my mind off  of things.

I closed my eyes  positioned my head and hand to make it look like I was working and let my mind drift away into a green sloped hill with a forest. I knew Catherine had chosen a new zealand look reminding me of lord of the rings.  Only a small distance away I saw a black dragon, Catherine and Joey. I could only guess the Black dragon was Vicky but I couln''t be sure that it was just someones imagination.

My own appearance was very different then my appearance in reality. I was bigger, stronger, Oranged eyed, oranged hair and I was not afraid when I became my own fictional character Shard Decloak that wore a blue trench coat and impposbily long and thick sword on his back.  This is my way of fighting my less thant interesting life, and my way of not punching some in the face in reality. I walked up to my friends casually waiting for the others to come.

The End

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