The boy

Joey found it remarkably easy to zone out in his hiding spot in one of the oak trees a few feet away from the classroom window. Ditching class was better than class, but going in to Daydreams was funner than ditching class with nothing to do.

He popped in to existence next to Catherine, his character already created. Instead of the short brown hair he had in his regular existence, he instead had a ponytail of black hair, the same shade as his black eyes. He wore jeans and a white t-shirt with an open black hoodie over it. It was simple and plain, but in this world, there was never a need to try too hard at looking good. People usually focused on the adventures at hand, not what their friends looked like.

Unlike Catherine however, Joey had a bow and a quiver of arrows on his back. Regardless of the fact that he could imagine whatever he needed, it didn't hurt to carry something with him, just in case something happened.

Which, of course, it did when a dragon landed right in front of the two. Joey pulled out his bow and had an arrow to it in a moment, courtesy of the skills the Daydream lent him. But before he shot, a voice went through his head.

"Scared ya didnt' I?"

He let the bowstring go slack and growled. "What the hell, Vicky? You scared the wits out of Catherine!"He didnt' feel guilty at all for putting whatever fear he may have felt on Catherine. It was easier that way. Then Joey noticed the teeth in her grinning mouth, and couldn't stop himself from growing a little pale because of the amount of blood on them. He looked her in the eye and asked in a soft voice, "Why is there blood on your teeth? What did you do?"

He left silent the unspoken question on his mind: "That's not human is it?"

The End

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