The Black Dragon

Victoria Glass smiled as she heard Catherine's call, answering back, I'm coming!

She closed her eyes, allowing herself to be pulled into Catherine's fantasy. Victoria imagined her form - a black dragon with burning red eyes. She was almost never herself when she entered the imaginary realm.

Her wings unfurled behind her, the gentle mountain breeze catching them. Catherine had created a place akin to New Zealand.

Sheep.... Victoria thought, watching with glee as tiny white forms appeared beneath her, bleating at the sight of her.

Curling her blood red talons to her chest, she dived into the flock, snatching up a lamb.

It cried out, its tiny hooves kicking the air wildly. Victoria paused in midflight, tipping back her head to swallow the creature whole. The taste of blood made her senses tingle with delight.

Looking down below, Victoria spotted Catherine near a cluster of trees, awaiting the others.

This'll be rich.... Victoria giggled to herself, swooping down low, her belly brushing the grass as she flew.

Catherine came closer and closer. Readying herself, Victoria banked left, barely missing the imaginer's head as she passed. She shrieked, covering her head with her hands.

The black dragon bellowed with laughter, landing softly in the grass nearby.

Scared ya didn't I?  Victoria chuckled, grinning as only a dragon could.

The End

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