Inside Imagination: The Adventure Begins

Catherine sat in math class, her attention on the blue sky outside and the puffy white clouds in it. She was trying to imagine the shapes that each could make as her teacher droned on and on about the quadratic formula and parabolas. It was now that Catherine decided the time had come to launch into a Daydream. She nudged the minds of her friends, not only in her class, but in other classes aaround the school.

Shall we? She asked inside their heads.

I thought you'd never ask!

Can't sorry, test today.

You're so lame! I'm in!

Various replies came through and Catherine leaned back in her chair, smiling. Alright, I'll set it up! She would have closed her eyes if she hadn't been in school, but instead, she shifted her focus from slopes and graphs to the New Zealand-like landscape that was her favourite setting, though she knew others would surely change it. She concentrated on the mountains, topped with snow in the distance, but on either side of her were angled forests sliding down to the banks of a twisting river that wound through the grassy valley.

In moments she was standing at the crest of a gentle slope that looked down on the scene she had created. It was beautiful. She waited for the others to join her.In the meantime, she would work on creating her character, which woudl essentially be herself.

She decided on the same curly brown hair, the same short stature she was comfortable with, the same green-grey eyes. Even the what she was wearing that day: bermuda shorts and blue and white striped tank top. She didn't need anything else, as whatever was required could be imagined along the way.

Catherine sat down on the soft grass, smiled as (per her thoughts) a cool breeze sprang up, rustling through the trees, and waited for the others to join her.

The End

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