Vasilim: InceptionMature

            Chaos unfolds like the petals of a flower. It's beautiful, it's natural, yet most people don't see its fragile beauty. They just don't see it at all. They're too busy panicking.

            The emotions of the untainted are so easily tampered with. Just a small change throws off the balance of everything, changing things in any way I want to. My victims are like marionettes; attached to the ends of me ropes, moving when I tell them, totally in my control.

            And it was so easy. The planting of a faux arrow in the chest of a woman or setting fire to the houses or the people would break the uneasy peace between the clans once again. Accusations would be made, defensive actions would take place, and war would break out.

            Beautiful pandemonium.

            With the crystal in my possession, nothing will stop me from taking over these lands that for so long should have been mine. And once I figure out how the sacred crystal is composed, there will be nothing holding me back from either converting it, or making a new, darker one.

            There won't be one person who won't be under my influence. I'll be in total control.

            I am the way I am for simple reasons. No love bestowed on me means that I have nothing tying me down. I am not capable love, so therefore I tie myself down to nothing. And no identity means that no one can blame me for anything.

            No one knows I even exist. They know not of what I am capable of. They don't know that I have no weakness, that I cannot be beaten. But they soon will. Very soon.

The End

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