Saphaia: VengeanceMature

Tears were pouring out of my eyes like a waterfall.

"Why. Why did it have to be like this!" I tried to scream but failed. My voice keeps breaking up every time I try to fight the sharp pain that has overflown my body. The sorrow is unbearable. Is this how it feels?  Losing a person you hold dear to you?

Melinda still laid on my lap, I could not absorb the information as calmly as the others who were fighting for our land. My powers were restrained by the deep emotions of my shattered heart. Not only that but the training that I did had weakened me tremendously.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps headed towards me. When the person stopped herested his big hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, child, for your loss. I know that Melinda was a close friend of yours." The person said with a voice, deep and soothing like a wolf's howl. When I flicked my hair to the side the see who it was, I realized it was one of the elders that was standing on the stage to welcome me.

"Not just a friend, but the only friend I had, maybe even something close to a mother."  

"I know how you feel, but --"


A fireball exploded nearby, nearly striking us with unbelieveable power. It looked like the work of the Swordplay and Jujitsu clan but I did not have much time to analyze it.

"Elder!" I yelled, with clarity and alarm. I move Melinda's carcass from my lap and head towards the elder, tackling him with force while trying to protect him from the second fireball attack.

"Are you all right?" I ask, panting from the shock. The attack just missed me and the elder but Melinda was shredded into pieces of raw meat, splatting blood all over the place.

"Yes, my child. I believe we should take cover, it's not safe here."

"No I will fight with the others" I protested. Looking at where Melinda was, I felt a sudden rage rush through my body. I had to do something for the only family I had left in my life -- apart from the housekeeper.

"Saphaia," saying my name surprised me; he never mentions people by name."You are too weak to fight anyone for now from all the training you did from before. Please, just come with me."

I could not do anything but accept his terms. I nodded my head in agreement and followed the elder to hide out for the time being. All I could do is wait to find a way to slip past him and pay back what the clan did to Melinda. The fury and hatred in me was too strong to be left unremarked.

The End

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