Bass: Picking Fights?Mature

I spun my sword skillfully between my fingers, weaving flames into the shimmering atmosphere. The flames rippled forwards as I struck into the center of the circle, causing the blue flames to rush forward at my sudden command. They struck the center of the target and engulfed it. One down, thirty to go.

I whipped my sword in a circle, gaining speed as I spun. Fire coalesced around me as I practised my new technique, and I released the rippling flames. They exploded from their origination point, casting away from me. All thirty of the targets were engulfed in the azure conflagrations. I smiled and brushed my hair from my face. I saw something just then that wiped the smirk from my face and caused the blood to drain from it.

A raging inferno blazed in the distance, smoke billowing up to touch the now red-tinged sky. The angry blaze fired up higher, and screams sounded in another direction. I looked towards the spot where the Casting village had been constructed. Cries of terror and frustration rang through the village, audible even from where I stood. Clangs of metal were accompanied by screeches of pain and mourning, and I clutched my hand to my chest. People were dying.

The war-stricken village would soon be torn apart if this ancient feud between the Casting clan and the Archery clan was not silenced. They would be destroyed by their own contempt, and their kismets would be forever darkened, lost within the wars of old hates and broken screams uttered from the dry throats of the dying.

I spun on my heels and parried an arrow, burning another one in a trail of fire when I missed it. A shadow retreated into the bushes, and I trudged towards it, an furious look etched into face. Someone was tresspassing, and they were attempting to begin war with us now. The Archery clan was blinded by hate, and they only ever wanted to be the best. Thet were stuck in their own self delusions, and their hearts were tainted by contempt, their minds clouded by narcisism.

And so I silently stalked my assassin...

The End

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