Sionan: A ThreatMature

The wild boar could be heard screaming a distance away. I tried not to lose my concentration but that didn't seem to work.

"Sionan, the chief's calling for you." A messenger walked up to me and I looked away from my target. The boar escaped, barely making it out alive.

"You disturbed my training, Tack." I looked at him in his eyes, and he quickly closed it, knowing my powers of the "death stare", or so that's what everyone else calls it.

"I am sorry Sionan. I will never do it again!" He ran off and left a trail of dust behind.

I put my hands on my hips. That is what he said the last time. I picked up my little sack that contained the last of my lunch and walked towards the village.

It was nearly evening, and the sun began to set behind the trees. The breeze blew my hair into my face, but I ignored it and continued to walk. Being alone is better than  sticking with someone that's going to be rude to you. I've always been alone, and I don't know what it's like to actually be loved. Who cares?

I spotted myself a rabbit. I looked into the creature's eye, bearing pressure into it's mind. The rabbit's hand began to twitch. Then it let out a yelp and squealed in pain. I continued watching it wrestle with the air.

You seem to be having fun...

The voice whispered with the wind. Then a gush of pressure rushed by, and I nearly dodged it. Again my prey escaped. I have much to work on, but I was much more concerned with the thing that flew by.

On the tree trunk next to me, there was a dagger pinning a piece of paper down. Once I touched the dagger, it turned into a piece of hair. Magic? No blacksmith could weld such a dagger and make it into a piece of hair. This magic was only possessed by those in the Casting clan. I focused on the piece of paper:

I suggest you go home quickly. You'll never know what's about to happen to your only precious home. This is war missy. I hope to meet you on the field.

Missy? How dare he or she address me that way? And what does he mean by war? I perked my head up as I heard a scream come from the village. The sky looked red and black in the direction of the village. That's too red to be a sunset.

I took the lock of hair and the piece of paper and dumped it into the sack. I began to run. My only home. True, this may be the only place I can return to, but still, I will not let anyone destroy the clan.

The smoke already reached the tips of the sky by the time I made it to the village gates. I saw Tack standing near the entrance hurrying me in, handing me a handkerchief.

"It's at the corner of the village. Someone set it on fire." The two of us rushed towards the scene. Clan members stood crowded around the scene of the crime. Luckily, no one was hurt. However, in the little corner of the village, there was a house. It wasn't big, and it didn't look much. But it was surely my house.

I fell down to the ground and took out the sheet of paper. Surely this was not just a joke. This was the truth. It is war with the Casting clan. I will have my revenge. Just you wait!

The End

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