Saphaia: The Beginning or The End?Mature

"Saphaia! What did I tell you yesterday? Ah! You're doing it all wrong. I'm going to have to present you at the ceremony tonight and the people will be asking what I have taught you all these years. Come on, do it again, and properly this time, just like I said."

"Yeah, Yeah." I said with a sigh. Melinda was going balistic again with her nonsense. What was so important about it anyway? I hope not all clans have the same problem, but from what Melinda says, it is; this is why I have not left this place yet.

For many years now, at the age of 15, our people have to arrive at this stupid ceremony to show that they were leaving their childhood behind to become protectors of our land. When presented, the people have to complete a task which is given by the elders to prove their determination and courage. I was ready for that, it's just that I could not use my ability to its extent as I wanted to. Then again, I do not have any incentive to use it at that level; my parents are dead, I never had siblings and I do not think I have any other close relatives.

"Well that's all I can do for you, little lady. Not if you can tell me why you can't do what I am asking you to do." Melinda said exhausted after three hours training me for the big day. "It's like you do it on purpose."

Not the pitiful face again. I hate when she does that; I always give in.

Feeling sorry, I look down and replied apologetically, "Melinda... I --" 

I cut off mid-sentence because when I looked back up Melinda had already left. To not make matters worse, I concentrated on my training the entire day to do my best at the ceremony as a way to apologize for my lack of obsorption.

As I pactise on my weaknesses for a long while, I looked to see what time it was and noticed the sun was setting.

"Damn it, I have to get ready."

Placing my dagger back to my hair once again, I started running home with speed.

"I hope I can impress the others." I cried out to myself. I did not make much of an improvement but was good enough for the little time I had left. 

Out of breath, I entered my house and slammed the wooden door with force.

"Is my lady all right?" My housekeeper asked formally. She was the only family I had but always kept this distance between us, I have no idea why, but she was aggravating when it came to special events and she spoke like that.

"Uh-huh." I replied, passing by and picking up my ceremonial clothes to wear after taking a bath.


"Get ready, you're next," Melinda said. She was having a nervous breakdown. No one would have thought she was sweating. With how wet she was, she looked like she had not dried herself after showering, but her jumpy attitude gave it away.

I was about to say something but I heard my name being called out by the elder. I took one deep breath and walked out in front of the audience; relatives and friends who had come to support their people on their special moment. They were applausing with joy as I walked to the levelled stage where the elder was waiting for me with a smile on his face. Before I could reach the elder I noticed that the other clans had not yet arrived; maybe Melinda was lying to me all these years because she knew my intentions. 

Stopping at the middle where everyone can see me, I steadied myself for the upcoming menifestation. The elder had left the stage after he told the people what I was going to do and I looked at Melinda who was at the edge of the audience, looking at me with a creased face, but when everyone went silent I did not get the chance to do anything.

Out of nowhere, I heard a swift sound which passed right in front of me, making me feel the vibrations of the sliced air. The sonance that it produced ended with a strange abrupt flesh-peircing sound.Turning around, my eyes popped wide open; shocked; my mouth had automatically dropped; I was frozen to the ground with horror.

"Melinda!" I cried out with grief. I run up to her to see if she was badly injured; judging by the blood pool that was covering her it did not look good; her death was near. As I ran to her I stopped with devistation in my eyes.

"It can't be!" I said sullenly.

The carvings and the unique structure of the arrow that had peirced her was not an ordinary arrow, but the one's that the Archery clan make. There is no cure to purify the specific poison that it contained unless the remedy was given from the Archery clan itself. 

I approached Melinda once again and kneeling down I lifted her head to place it on my lap. She was making strange choking sounds; she could not speak. I looked up with tears running down my cheeks to seek for help but everyone had left their seats. The other clans had come a second later and everyone started attacking with rage.

The entire area was covered with loud blasts and yells from the people, using every bit of their stength to defeat the barbarians that killed one of our people for no logical reason at all.

Although feeling the same emotions like the others, I was curious as well. Hadn't the clans left their past behind all these years? Or was there something else? Something that we did not know about?

As I looked at the scene before me objectively it got me thinking, is this the beginning of a new civil war or is it the end of our existence?

The End

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