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An artifact that keeps peace within the clans is stolen. Now, the leaders of the seperate clans have to gather and let their differences aside to get it back so they could stop the civil war that has risen and will lead to their extinction.
The only way to defeat the thief is by combining their abilities together and most importantly, to their limit. But many complications will be brought up since the artifact is no longer there.
Will they end up ignoring their disgust for each other or not?


The wind's soothing breeze passed by like a weightless feather lightly touching the flesh of bare skin. Everyone -- from human to insect -- stayed inside in the company of their own home to prepare themselves for the following day.

Every house was illuminated with colours of red and yellow, keeping the atmosphere warm, all except for one.

In the center of the inhabited area was a mountain. Its name was Lazaroth; a mountain that separates all five clans to maintain peace and serenity within its presence. However, when it was time to combine their powers together, it required for them to trust each other. 

Although it was a simple demand, the clans could not come to an agreement and so a temple was built at the peak of Mount Lazaroth, placing a powerful crystal ball made out of the web of the sacred spider to acquire companionship and loyalty to the people.

Later that night, though, when the last of the bright houses went dark, someone entered the temple with ease to get back what was rightfully his -- or so he thought. Knowing every trap that was set in the temple, the person did not make a sound. It took him only ten minutes to cross those obstacles and retrieve what was lying at the deepest part of the temple.

"Gotcha." The person said greedly, finishing his sentence with a wicked laugh and disappeared into the darkness.

The End

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