I hold it with every fibre of my being.

Cling to it with my life, seeing

That things are different, that people have changed

And that they will try their very best to take it away.


They try to manipulate me, to steal it.

I'm so afraid, terrified even.

But I won't let go.

Won't let them win over the thing I treasure most.


Because if it is stolen, taken from me,

I know it will never be repaired, because people are greedy.

And all they do is take and get,

While I'm trying to heal, to forget.


They tear, claw at it, try to wrench it from my grasp,

And they tell me beautiful things can never last.

They attack me from every side,

Friendships that turn out to be complete lies.


And I watch as it slips between

So many others fingers, pull the rug out from beneath.

This most precious, vulnerable thing,

Is being distorted, or so it would seem.


I suppose I shouldn't have been so naive,

Shouldn't have been so quick to believe,

That everyone cares,

That the people I trust will always be there.


I'm not going to be pushed around,

There isn't a chance I'll back down.

I won't give it up that fast,

Because I believe your innocence was meant to last.

The End

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