Magda: Better the Devil You KnowMature

We hit my front door with a bang as I tripped over nothing. I fumbled in my pocket for my key, opening the door with a smile.

I showed him to the sofa which was exactly where you'd expect it to be and wandered over to the fridge, trying to remember what I wanted there. I hesitated, letting the light and cool air cover me. When I sensed him standing nearby, I shut the fridge door, standing up and trying to look as normal as possible.

"So." He muttered. "Coffee."

I pointed to the kettle, following my arm over to it. As I filled it up, I watched him get closer to me. I was a little suspicious until he asked if he could help. He was a good guy this one. He handed me a couple of mugs from a cupboard and left me to do the rest.

As I handed him a mug, we sat down, ready for another round of intellectual, witty conversation. In the end, we exchanged small talk, nothing terribly important or interesting.

"You'll want my number." I said, picking up a pad of paper from my coffee table.

"Oh yeah?" He seemed a little shocked. My eyes widened slightly.

"Well you know. To keep in touch." I replied as nonchalant as possible, handing him the relevant numbers.

"Or, maybe, a second date." He budged up so he was closer to me. I turned and faced him. He had such beautiful eyes, full of happiness and excitement. I could feel his hand reaching for mine and I instinctively leaned into him, our lips meeting for the briefest of seconds.

In that kiss, I learned so much about him. He was gentle yet passionate, caring and controlled. Maybe I was over-thinking things.

"Sorry." He muttered, not really meaning it.

I leaned in and we kissed again, longer this time.

"I'm not." I replied, getting up.

"Where are you going?" He asked, turning to look at me.

"Don't worry. I'll be right back." I wandered into my bedroom and sat down, struggling to take my shoes off. It was going a lot better than I had thought - maybe I could do this flirting thing if I tried. I looked up and made eye contact with myself in the mirror. As that sickening feeling took over, I wondered if it was a terrible thing. Maybe, this time, it was for the best. I wasn't honestly sure if that was right but before I had chance to think it over more, it was too late. I was gone.

The End

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