Magda: Third Impressions on a First DateMature

Beth had cleared out of my flat by the time Howie came to pick me up. I was wearing one of my nicest dresses - I wanted this to go well. I met him outside at 7 o'clock sharp. He handed me his jacket, trying to be chivalrous but I wasn't that cold - it was still rather warm outside with the sun still shining.

"I never really asked," I said. "what is it that you do?"

He looked at me and smiled. "Finance. Boring stuff."

"Snap!" I shouted with a laugh. "I work for a bank."

I could see in his eyes that he was rather interested, he wanted to ask me loads more questions about it but he didn’t - he seemed slightly worried that I'd think he was boring or something. It just seemed cute as he opened the door to a rather posh restaurant, putting his arm around me as we walked to our table.

"I'm sorry." He said as he sat down. "Was it too much?"

"Not at all." I smiled - it had been nice, caring. The waiter brought over a lovely bottle of wine that Howie really appreciated whilst I simply took the odd sip from my glass, half hoping that it would magically tip over and I'd save myself the trouble of drinking it.

The conversation didn't flow terribly well since neither of us knew what to say to the other. There was quite a bit of smiling at each other, but beyond that we were both a bit lost.

"You look really nice tonight." He was flirting with me and had been all night, making the compliments less and less subtle as he drank more.

Begrudgingly, I finished the glass, worried at how much it was affecting me. It was getting later, with the restaurant emptying around us. He paid the waiter and we started to make our way out.

"I don't suppose…" I started, worried he'd think I was stealing his role again.

"What, Magda?" He asked with a smile.

"If you fancied coming back to mine for a coffee." I really liked this guy and I really didn't want to jeopardise it, which knowing me, I'd do.

"I'd love to." I offered him my hand and led him back to my place.

The End

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