Tilda: Born of FuryMature

I woke up with a terrible headache - I had got rather drunk the previous night and now I was regretting it. I couldn't remember a great deal of what had gone on beyond a fair bit of drinking. I groaned before letting a bit more sick flow out of my mouth and into the toilet that had been my pillow for the past few hours.

I rubbed my eyes and pushed my hair back, thinking about what I was going to do next. I had gone out last night because Beth had really annoyed me. My Beth had gone against me. I had gone out and got violently drunk. Wise move there on my part. I slumped onto the floor with a groan.

That's when I heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom. I panicked - it couldn't be Beth so who the hell was in my flat? I slid across the tiled floor, my back hitting the bath. I clambered in, pulling the shower curtain shut just enough so that I would be hidden.

The footsteps came in and stopped by the toilet at which point my mystery house guest started to use the facilities. I eased the curtain open and inch and held back a gasp.

There was a man in my flat. A naked man.

Once he had finished, he left, either looking for some clothes or for me. Hopefully, the clothes.

What the hell had I done? I clamped my eyes shut in the hope that I would be able to remember but nothing came back to me.

"Hey Tilda. Where are you?" He asked, shouting through the apartment. I held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t find me. I felt so bad. This was wrong, so wrong. What could I do?

"Oh well." He said at a normal volume - I figured that he was talking to himself. "Have to get off to work."

I stayed in my hiding place, crying a little until I heard him leave. But even then I couldn't bring myself to move. I stayed put and cried myself to sleep, knowing that I really badly needed a shower.

The End

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