Mags: Unexpected BeautyMature

I stumbled home to find Beth outside my door. Her eyes were red as if she had been crying. I didn't ask questions, partly because I didn't want to know the details of a fight and also because my brain was feeling fuzzy so I would get confused if I asked.

I opened the door and let her in. I offered her the sofa and made her some tea.

I carried the tea back through and sat next to her on the sofa. She broke back down in tears, going on about the fight, which I had specifically not asked about because I didn't want to know. I put my arm around her shoulders, feeling it was right for the situation.

"I just need to know what happened from your point of view," Beth said, looking at me expectantly.

From my point of view, I had been a b*tch and turned away a guy who was pretty good in bed. Why was I so frumpy and annoying like that?

"Well everything Tilda is thinking is wrong," I lied, "She's being silly."

"I'm hoping she'll see that so I can go back tomorrow," Beth said, "I'm sorry for being like this. It's not pleasant for you I suppose."

"It's fine," I said pulling her closer. It may have been the alcohol but there was a moment when Beth looked simply stunning. Even with her red face from crying she looked incredible. I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her gently. She returned the kiss and so I pulled her body in towards mine and our kiss became more passionate. The rest of the night followed a similar pattern of passion.


The next morning, I woke early and saw Beth lying naked beside me. Her skin looked golden in the early morning light streaming through the curtains. I felt completely drawn to her. I thought of Alfie then and realised that I didn't care for him at all but I wasn't sure if it was Beth I cared for or just her beauty.

I sat up and looked at my naked self in the mirror and felt the sensation of dizziness sweep over me.

The End

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