Tilda: One Hour AgoMature

It had been nice seeing Alfie earlier on but he was dull as ever, bless him. And the news he had just shocked me. I needed a drink. A proper drink. One I could only have with Beth. Not Alfie - he wouldn't understand at all.

She had been waiting around at this bar and smiled at me when I came in.


"Our parents, mine and Alfie's, they're getting a divorce."

She hugged me, holding me tight. "It's ok." She whispered in my ear with a kiss.

I looked up at her beautiful face and nodded, ordering a very large drink that I downed. After a long, satisfying kiss with Beth, I ordered another, preparing myself for a long afternoon of drink.

In the end, after my second drink, we went back to the apartment. We were both rather tipsy and that was exactly how I loved Beth - just a little bit wilder than usual.

Seconds after the door shut, we fell to the bed.

I couldn't stop myself from screaming in pleasure, acutely aware of another noise that I dismissed in favour of focusing on my Beth. After another scream, the noise got louder and so the two of us got out of bed and went exploring, holding each others hands. It was someone at the door. Grabbing a gown from the bedroom, I wrapped it around myself and opened the door.

Alfie pushed his way into the flat, angry tears on his face.

"You told your friend to sleep with me did you? You bitch!" He yelled at me, taking a second to spot Beth hiding. "What is going on?"

She shot me an apologetic glance, running to the bedroom to fetch her robe. I smiled as I watched her move, getting aroused slightly.

"Tilda. Now."

I turned back to my brother, his fists clenched.

"Alfie. I can assure you that there is a perfectly good explanation."

I had no idea what to say next, wishing that Beth would come and help me and that Magda would have a better explanation that what I was about to say.

The End

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