Magda: A Disgusted LookMature

"Andy." I said, knocking on his door. "Let me in, now."

He had locked the door, something that he never, ever does. "You can always come and see me!" That's what he used to say. "My door's always open!"

"Let me in. I need to talk to you." I hit the door once more before using it to support me, sobbing as my back slid down the smooth surface. I knew that the newbies could see me and were probably having a good old laugh at the sad old woman, crying at her boss' door. It opened suddenly and I fell into his office, wondering why I was horizontal. Then I saw something I really didn't want to see.

One of the newbies was trying to further her career in that stupid bank. Well she clearly had been since when she decided to step over me, I ended up looking up her skirt. And to add insult to injury, as Andy handed her something, she decided to stop over my face, almost as if she wanted me to be sick on her. So when I puked a little on her foot, she looked down at me in disgust.

"Pot. Kettle. Black." I murmured under my breath, getting up with a sigh that could have blown down a house.

"What was so urgent, Magda?" He looked at me angrily - I had clearly interrupted him.

"Should I have come back in a few minutes? That would have been enough, yes?" I said sharply, wondering where that tone had come from. I gave him an apologetic look, confused as to why I was suddenly so bitchy. Not like me.

"Just spit it out."

"I found this in my office." I dropped the camera on his desk, wincing as I heard a tiny smash.

"Yes, it's company protocol to have cameras in all rooms." He pointed to the one in his office; it was in the corner just watching us.

"I don't have a problem with that. And if you come into my office, then you'll find the one up in the corner, just like that. This one came from under my desk. Any ideas how it got there?"

Andy sat there, speechless.

"Who keeps the footage from them?" I nearly shouted, disgusted at everything around me. Even myself.

Again, he said nothing. That was when I started shouting.

"You dirty little pervert! It's you isn't it?"

"Shut the door, Magda." He said strongly and so I did it. "What do you want?"

"What's that supposed to mean? Do you think that you can buy me out?"

He nodded, a confident look in his eyes.

"I can offer you a promotion. More money. If you don't tell anyone that is."

"How much could I get in compensation for this? Sexual harassment. Big issue these days, isn't it?" I stood over him, eager to slap him but afraid that that would probably end up making things worse - knowing my luck, that would end up turning him on.

"Please." He whispered and I could hear the sadness in his voice. He looked at me and his eyes betrayed how lonely he felt. I doubted that he ever got much human contact. I began to feel sorry for him.

"I want job security. I don't want any of those newbies replacing me." He nodded eagerly. "And the tapes of me to be deleted."

I walked out, aware of him staring at my backside.

I grabbed my stuff from my office and went home. I needed a shower. I still felt dirty.

It's all sex, sex, sex these days, isn't it? And I'm just as bad as anyone else.

The End

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