Magda: House GuestMature

I had gone home early, not wanting to hang around at the office - the newbies had been a nightmare and I wasn't in the mood for a meeting with Andy to see how my first day had gone so I told him that I wasn't feeling terribly well and he let me go.

I relaxed into my sofa, picking up the remote for the tv and putting a classical music channel on. I closed my eyes and let the dulcet tones wash over me, soothing me more than anything else could. At least I had a fair bit of money to set me up thanks to Andy, bless him.

There was a knock at the door. He must be early. I grabbed the remote and shut it off in seconds. Dropping it back on the table, I went over to the door and opened it with a wide smile on my face.

"Hey. I'm Alfie. Tilda's brother."

"I know who you are!" We shared a little laugh as I looked him up and down. He offered me his hand awkwardly and I took it, shaking weakly. "Come in."

Alfie was taller than me with hair nearing the same length - it suited him better than me though. He stepped into my apartment, looking around.

"It's only small," I explained, "But, to me, it's home."

"Where do you want me?" He asked, smiling a little more than looked natural.

A strange thought passed through my mind - 'Well…' - but before it had chance to grow, I caught myself looking at the mirror and stopped, closing the door to my bedroom. I pointed to the door. "This is my room, so if you need anything, just give me a knock. I'm afraid you're relegated to the sofa." I smiled weakly.

"That's fine!" He sat down, looking around again.

I decided to give him the guided tour, standing still and turning on the spot. "Kitchen, bathroom, my room, lounge. Not a great deal to it really." He smiled. Again with the smiling.

"Is something wrong, Alfie?" I asked tentatively.

"What makes you say that?" He got up and stepped towards me, making me nervous.

"Well it was all a bit unexpected, with you coming down and all. Has something happened?"

He nodded. "Something big." He said.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked, immediately regretting saying that.

"I don't really know you."

"Some people think that makes it easier." I smiled.

"You're Tilda's best friend, yeah?"

"I like to think so. What does that matter?"

"And she trusts you?"

"Yep. Where is this going, Alfie?"

"Well then I can trust you."

He made me promise not to tell Tilda what he was about to tell me. Never a good start.

The End

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