Magda: Personal EconomyMature

 I was sat in my cluttered office, cradling a glass of wine, something that I never did. My head still hurt a little from the auction but on the best part, I was fine. I still didn't really know what had come over me though.

I had decided to get up early that morning to start sorting through the stuff that had been dumped in my new office. After binning a load of paperwork that we didn't need anymore and shifting most of the filing cabinets into another empty room, I had collapsed, sobbing a little.

I had no money. None. Not anymore. With that mirror and that necklace, I was bankrupt. But tomorrow was payday after all so I was going to be in a slight position of financial security. A little bit anyhow. Enough to pay the bills and get food. Ugh.

"Hey. You in there Magda?" Andy peered in through the door, smiling. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah. Just a lot to do." I said, gesturing at the contents of the room.

"Drinking? I didn't think you were the type." He picked up the bottle, trying to figure out how much I had had to drink.

"Just a sip." I said, clearly reading his mind by the look on his face. "I don't suppose I could have a month's wages in advance could I?"

"What for?" He put the bottle down, eyeing me up suspiciously.

"Bills." I said, not terribly comfortable telling him that I had blown all my money at an auction.

"Yeah that's fine, Magda. I trust you." He smiled at me. "Need any help moving any of this stuff?"

"Nah it's fine thanks. Want a drink, Andy? I could do with some help finishing this bottle off." I laughed, handing him another glass that I had brought in case Tilda had decided to come into work on her other day off. Not likely, but possible.

"Just the one then. Thanks." He poured himself some wine, taking a sip and smiling.

"Take a seat." I gestured to the spare chair with a smile.

"So this is what it's like being on the other side is it?" We laughed but I wasn't sure that what he had said was actually that funny. I contemplated starting a mock interview but wasn't in the mood.

"Busy today, Andy?" I wasn't comfortable making small talk with my boss, but it felt like the right time.

"Not especially," He took an audible sip of his drink, placing it on the desk.

"How are the newbies? Getting on alright?"

"Alright." He shrugged. "You know that you'll be keeping an eye on them don't you?"

"That part of my job then?" He nodded. I started to screw up my face but realised that it wasn't a brilliant idea with him in the room.

"Well I must get back to work." He said, getting up, taking the rest of his drink with him. "And don't let me find you with drink at work again!"

He left, laughing at his own joke. I got up and shut the door, wondering what to do next.

The End

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