Mags: Glint of lightMature

"So for this floor length mirror the bidding will start at one thousand pounds," said the auctioneer. The couple of minutes after that passed in a blur. It was exciting bidding against two other people for this. The first person dropped out at two thousand pounds but the bidding continued.

Tilda kept glancing at me in disbelief at how badly I wanted this mirror. She didn't understand the majesty of it. The thin lines of gold and the flower motif made it seem magical. The light glinted off it at such an angle that it reflected back onto the main part of the mirror and spilled rainbows onto the floor. The mirror filled me with desire for beautiful things. I wanted to have it and I wanted to look into it at my beautiful face. It was strange. I had never thought my face was that beautiful before.

After a while of fierce biding, I won. I had my amazing mirror. It cost me four and a half thousand pounds but it was completely worth every penny.

I went home that evening and sat in my living room and sighed deeply. I had spent so much money that day and it felt amazing. I couldn't wait for my purchases to be deliviered the next day. I went to bed that night excited and naked as my night wear was so much uglier than I remembered it. I wouldn't even be caught sleeping in it! Looking in my wardrobe I realised that I desperately needed some kind of makeover!

The mirror arrived at about eleven o'clock along with Tilda's necklace and also a vase that I took a fancy to. When it was placed in my bedroom, it looked so amazing. Despite my bedroom being quite large, the mirror took up a huge space on the wall. I walked up to it and looked at myself. I brushed my hair from my face but my reflection didn't. She was plainer than me. Suddenly I felt strange as though I had been on a boat too long and then all of a sudden I was no longer staring into the mirror

The End

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