Magda: Mirror MirrorMature

"Wow." I muttered under my breath as I walked over to one of the most attractive things I had ever seen.

It was a mirror, Edwardian by the look of things, but I must admit that things like that aren't really my area of expertise. It was tall, probably long enough to show me all of my body if I looked into it from up close. I made my way over to it, moving around people as quickly as I could, proving to be more agile than I thought I was.

There was someone else looking at it, examining the woodwork closely so I couldn't see it as well as I wanted to. But even at a glance, it was marvellous.

There was a thin golden edge encircling the mirror with little flowers in the top two corners. At the bottom, two legs sprouted out from each corner, supporting it. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about it that was attracting me to it but it just drew me over there.

"Magda?" Tilda called. "Magda? It's about to start!"

I wanted to get a proper look at the mirror before I joined her, watching with a smile as the man left. I stepped across, looking into the mirror. It was more than long enough for me, leaving a little extra space above my head. I could see the intricate details in the wood much clearer now and they just added to it.

"Magda. Come on!"

I looked at myself, amazed at how good I looked.

But I started to feel weird. I could have sworn that my reflection moved when I didn't. Something odd was happening. My head was spinning. I looked at my reflection one more time and was shocked.

In the mirror, I was smiling. But I wasn't.

I shut my eyes tightly, hoping that the feeling would go away.

The End

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