Tilda: Her First TimeMature

As soon as she walked in, I could tell that it was her first time.

She dressed the part, wearing a skirt that said smart with a top that said casual and a jacket that said take me home with you, even though I never thought that she'd ever say that. For the first time in a couple of years, Magda looked good, she looked happy.

As she wandered over to me, I scanned the catalogue, looking for anything that caught my eye. Nothing looked especially great but I always preferred to see the objects in person so I could get a better idea of them. We had got there early enough to do just that so I took her hand and led her off into the maze of beauties.

We stopped and looked at this gorgeous little necklace that I could just imagine wearing. I stared into the nicely sized jewel at the end for longer than it felt like, wondering what it would be like to wear it. The guide price was way out of my budget but it wasn't going to stop me dreaming. I looked up to see Magda looking at some earrings which confused me greatly when you consider that she hasn't even had her ears pierced.

"Hey Magda. Like what you see?" She turned to face me, smiling.

"You have to admit that they are beautiful. I could get them for my mother." she murmured, clearly deep in thought.

"You may have just had a promotion and all, but splashing out on those babies isn't the way to go." I paused for a second, the cogs in my brain trying to piece things together. "Especially since you don't get on with your mother than much!"

She nodded reluctantly, lost in the wonder that they were. I dragged her away, taking her to see anything else.

"You know, Tilda, those earrings could have been my way back into my mother's favour." She said, slightly angrily.

"Calm down Magda. If your mum wanted to talk to you more, she would. No earrings are going to change that."

"You're right. So, what you after?"

"Wardrobe really." I said, pointing over at the furniture.

That's when I lost her completely. Maybe this hadn't been as good an idea as it had seemed last night.

The End

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