Magda: Bossy BootsMature

Andy was sat there, waiting for me with that smile of his that always made me feel a little bit sick.

"Come in, Magda. Take a seat." He gestured half-heartedly towards the cheap chair that he kept in there for special meetings like this. I could smell him as I got closer, trying to stop myself from wincing; the mixture of perspiration and alcohol turned my stomach.

"What was it that you wanted?" I tried not to sound brash, but knew that he wouldn't really care anyway - he got a lot of lip from the newbies about his size so I doubted that I was much of a bother to him.

"I wanted to talk to you about your role here in the company."

Oh. Not good.

"Oh yes?" I tried to make eye contact with him, make him feel even worse for sacking me but he evaded it, leafing through some papers on his desk instead.

"It has come to my attention that you aren't in the right place. Do you think that that is a fair comment?" He looked to me, his eyes wide.

I shook my head. "I think it's the right place for me. I enjoy working here, Andy."

"Well I disagree. I think that you belong elsewhere."

I felt like I was about to break down but knew in my heart of hearts that this man didn't deserve that.

"Well then." I said, preparing myself for it.

"So I'm promoting you. Deputy manager."

I looked at him, dumbfounded. "Seriously? No joke?"

He nodded, widening his smile. "Better pay, less work. Same hours though. So what do you say?"

I jumped up out of my seat, grabbing his hand and shaking it quickly. "Yes please."

"You can start net week. You get your own little office too." He pointed out of the door, to the room opposite his. It had been a storage place for the last few months. "You'll have to clear it out yourself though."

"Thank you so much."

I sped out of the room, grabbing my phone, unsure who to call first.

But then it dawned on me - I was just getting deeper and deeper into a job I didn't want.


The End

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