Chapter Six: FoundMature


That was what most people's instincts would tell them if there was some inhuman creature near them. Others would be curious. But, actually, the girl tracking this "creature" was quite unafraid.

Paige Lane, a Cresent tracker, merely smirked. Maybe she'd finally come to a good find! The London Trackers would be proud, and she would see some justice.

Maybe she'd be a little better noticed, as well. Not that she wasn't noticed before, but it took skill to make people look at you. And to be able to hide, as well.

Paige followed the trail of the Cresent. She couldn't tell if it was silver or gold, that would take far better skills then hers. She'd just have to find it, get at it without her knowing. Depending on what it could do, it would either be difficult, or extremely maddening.

Was she close?

A sudden trigger of emotion engulfed her. Paige stopped, terrorized for a moment, then began to run.

Her instincts told her to scream in terror. Her training and the years she had spent tracking told her otherwise.

It's either your gut, or the trick of a Silver Cresent One. Most places tell you to trust your gut, but here, you have to believe otherwise. Think it through. What were you doing, where were you going? Who were you following, who followed you? Stick close to protocol, but don't lose yourself in the manual.

Paige kept her pace, slowing only a little to focus her mind. The fear emanated from her for a moment, then began to go away. 

This time she ran even faster, hoping to catch a Cresent.

As she came up the street, she saw a figure laying on the ground.

Take in every single detail, remain alert as possible. Note everything, remember everything. Don't let it escape you, or you might lose it, forever, and have to start all over again.

Looking at the scene before her, Paige coudl tell that two people had been here. The muddy footprints on the ground sugested that they had been very close.

Paige knelt down to inspect the young woman, and to see if she had any injuries. She brushed the dark hair away from the woman's face. Funny, with the poor lighting, her hair looked almost metallic in some places.

A slow smile formed on her face as she realized that the hair really was a metalic color. Paige had finally caught a Cresent.

The End

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