Chapter 5: ElusiveMature


 Benedict Chevalier sat happily on deck of the boat anchored on the shores of Antarctica. He knew quite well his own operatives were out there looking for him, but he also had to keep his whereabouts unknown, to the world, also he was just to lazy to set up a system to bounce emails or phone signals across the world making him impossible to track.

"Ah good sir your helicopter has arrived." One of the staff members bent over the well covered body of Benedict. He raised his head up showing his pale face and straight blond hair that his pale blue eyes.

"Ah, thank you dear man for delivering such information." His voice smooth, dark yet strangely satisfying to listen to. He gets up touching the young staff member shoulder leaving a small trace of darkness that will kill him in a matter of hours. As he walks away his large dark coat hides all of his skin from the world of light only his face was exposed but only barely as he kept his head down most of the time almost in penance. His stride was smooth and silence against the smooth deck as his most trusted operatives ran down the metal steps their foot falls clattering around him.

"Where shall we go?" One asks.

"To northern Russia, that shall throw them off." His voice rolling over the operatives, who were quick to follow each silent footstep. That is how Benedict received the name  the Shadow his stealth was silent and untraceable even when he wasn't trying. He places himself on the helicopter, with a grin.


The same grin on his face still showed as he place himself on the private jet his operatives doing there best to match each move, as if afraid he would disappear like the vapour from a single breath on a cold day. Two hours later Benedict sat waiting for the perfect moment.

"Sir we are happy to inform you that no Tracker's have located us. We are still a well kept secret." David one of his most skilled operatives said in hopes to start a discussion.

"That is good news, but I have known that for a long time." He replied smiling then returning his vision to the window. David turns slightly annoyed that nothing was secret with his boss, but as soon as he turns to talk to him again the Shadow was gone.

The End

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