Chapter 4: CallMature


Jasper sat on the bench, the wind blowing through his chesnut hair as he watched the couple with tired pity clear in his flat green eyes.

A couple standing on the kerb, talking happily and in love, smiles beaming as bright as the sun, true love is truly rare, but it is also a rare thing to go on forever. It began to rain and the woman dropped her phone in the road, the man bent down to get it like a gentleman, but he did not come back up, the tires screeched loudly and the blood ran away with the rain, all that could be heard was the woman's scream.

 The couple were standing on the corner of the road, waiting for a taxi to take them away to their next destination, the woman was talking on her phone, to her parents, telling them how she had found out she was pregnant, Jasper knew what happened next as it began to rain......

He turned his head, he did not want to see the woman's terrified face or the man's body, but simply turning his head did not block out the screaming as the sound of tires ground to a halt. Jasper's view on the world was harsh it would never have worked anyway, there is no place for love in this world, those who love die and lose the race of life, I've seen it all happen before

With a very loud yawn, he got up and walked away from the scene and through the park like a ghost, everyone ignored him because they did not want to pay attension, he was too scary. Jasper had chesnut curls on his head that reached his ears and stunning green eyes, but, when you got too close, you could see how lifeless and cold they were. He was also tall-ish with the build of an agile but slightly muscular seventeen year old. All-in-all he looked like a picture of danger and no one payed attension incase they got caught up in the ride.

A small buzz resounded in his pocket and he lifted his phone, Paige calling, it said, he rolled his eyes and pressed the green button "What is it Paige? This had better be good, I'm busy" This was a lie, Jasper had finished his missions early and was stuck for something to do but he wasn't one for telling people that kind of thing, 'boasting is for mindless idiots'.

"I found a special on....delaware, what do you want me to do?"

Jasper's eyes widened breifly, that was a code, she had found the girl people were so intent on finding, a cresent among cresents "Do not leave it for someone else to buy Paige, we have been looking for it for too long, I will meet you on saint martin's street, so hurry up"

"Yes Jasper, see you soon" she snapped  "And you didn't turn up this afternoon-" he hung up

Jasper ran his hand through his hair and shook his head "She's mad at me" he laughed to himself

The End

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