Chapter Three: Report to the bossMature


Lila passed out Elroy's arms and he supported her body as he knelt down to the ground. He pulled back the hood of his cloak and looked at her, ignoring the silver mask that covered half his face.

Elroy caressed her cheek, his whole body sizzling with desire. He tensed. The sound running footsteps struck the ground behind him. He looked back over his shoulder before lowering Lila to the ground. Standing up, he pulled his hood over his head once again and turned to climb the side of the building.

When Elroy got to the top he crouched on the edge and looked down. A group of trackers ran up to Lila's unconcious body. They'll do my work for me, I though shamefully lowering my head. He got to his feet and walked with omnipotent presence across the roof.

I'll need to lie to the boss.... or should I lie? I told him he shouldn't send me after her but he was persistant saying I was the best operative for the job. The thoughts and questions swirled around his head. Elroy sighed, reaching the edge of the building and jumped down.

He could of ran all the way back but that would have drained him. Besides, how would Elroy have defended himself against the Boss if he got enraged and threw Drake at him?

He would have been knocked out in ten seconds! Elroy looked up at the sky. "I wonder what the Trackers are doing to Lila," he muttered to himself. The next works remained unspoken. Strangely.... I don't want her dead.

The End

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