Chapter Two: ElroyMature

The fear that had engulfed her faded away. Uncharacteristically, Lila’s voice became bitter and filled with distain. “Are still up to your old tricks Elroy? You know you really shouldn’t read people’s minds when you are not invited.” She scowled at him, as if she were a mother disapproving of her child’s behaviour. The hooded figure – Elroy – leant in towards her. “You’re not scared are you?” His tone was patronizing and mocking. “No,” she responded truthfully. “Now if you would just-” Elroy cut her off. “Oh, but you see,” he said. “I know you well enough that I don’t have to read your mind...Lila.” He spat her name out like it was poison.


Before Lila could reply he moved even closer. At lightning speed he pulled her roughly in towards him and locked in a forced embrace, their lips met. To a random passerby, it would have looked like two figures standing in an alleyway, passionately clinching at each other. However, to Lila it was one of the most excruciating things she had ever felt in her life.


It was like someone had set fire to her brain. Flames ran rampant, destroying, searing and burning. Slowly, but painfully, the sensation travelled down to her heart. Throughout this torture she could feel Elroy’s emotions. She felt his hatred of others and what he had become. His anger was hotter than the flames alight inside her head. There was another emotion though, and that emotion surprised her and distracted her from the agony for a few seconds. It was his secret passion for her. The thing he had tried to hide from her for the years he had known her. He was in love with her! Then she lost consciousness.

The End

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