Chapter One: RunMature


The street lights glared down at Lila; watching her like the eyes of a hungry predator as she ran through the night. A gust of wind followed her down the street, hitting Lila with its icy chill. She gasped. It was so cold! The sense of danger still chased her just as the wind had. It hid behind the blanket of fog surrounding her. She never heard it approach as the pounding of her heart was just too loud.

A hand clasped onto her shoulder. It squeezed and shot currents colder than the arctic winter through Lila’s body. She groaned in frozen agony. No, her mind screamed. They can’t have caught me! I was going too fast! An eruption of shivers shook Lila and with great sadness, Lila knew her urge to carry on was slipping away.


Lila’s breath was shallow and uneven. She turned to face her assailant; its fingers were so tight that she could feel it bruising her shoulder. “You don’t have to worry about bruises where you’re going,” it said from underneath its hooded cloak. The words were barely audible due to the rasping that accompanied its speech. That was when Lila knew. She realised who the figure was.

The End

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