Chapter 7: Bad newsMature

Alexandria stood by the full length window on the top floor of her ultra-modern house, staring out across the beautifully barren land. The true serenity of the surrounding area was both calming and exhilarating. She sighed peacefully, the eerie quietness a blessing to her.

Alexandria explored the vast expanse of land with her eyes, before her eyes focused upon a black dot speeding across the land, kicking a trail of dust up behind it. Alexandria rubbed her head, sighing. Her peace had been broken, again. As the vehicle came closer and closer to her house, Alexandria's hopes that it was just another tourist diminished.

She sighed as she turned to face her subject; a young man known only as Jay. Jay quivered slightly as he spoke; wringing his hands as he did.

"Uhh, M-m-m'lady?" He stuttered nervously. "There's been some news, uhh, bad news."

"What is it, Jay?" Alexandria asked politely, smiling at him, despite her annoyance at the break in the peace she was enjoying.

"It has, umm, come to, uhh, light that, err.."

She smiled again, "Yes?"

"Umm, there's been news of another gang of cresents." He finally mumbled.

"What?!" Alexandria coughed, confused, "how can there be? We are the only ones!"

"Uhm, they're thought to be going by the name of 'The Silver Cresents', m'lady. There's... something else.." Jay mumbled, slightly more afraid of Alexandria's reaction to the next piece of news.

".. What?" said Alexandria, slightly worried about what the next piece of news could be.

"Uhh, last night, we think one of the trackers may have... taken.. one of ours. An awful important one."

Alexandria sat down on the sofa and sunk her head into her hands. "This is very, very, very bad." she said, quietly.

The End

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