Infidelity - RANDOM CD ExerciseMature

Okay, this is how this game goes. The first song you hear on the radio you take the first line and create something. For this excerise its a 12 Stones song called Crash.

I tried to do a poem with it this time, It was one thirty in the morning when I finally got home and was able to start so it's not my best work, but it is fun. TRY IT

I've set the rating to mature, just incase any of you want to go "adult" on us.


As I lie here tossing in my bed
I think of all the things you said
Promises made in a forgotten past
A relationship I thought would last

You went and broke my heart in two
Causing more pain than I ever knew
A fragmented mind shatters within
While thoughts border on mortal sin

Just keep your distance from the house
And do not tempt a deranged spouse
There’s no repairing what you’ve done
But I’m growing fond of this loaded gun.


The First Line is from 12 STONES - The Song is CRASH

The exercise is to either take what I have written and change the wording in an attempt to make the poem better, add stanzas to the poem already here, or take the first line and create something (poem, story, limerick, whatever,) all your own.

What ever you create has to start with the first line:

As I lie here tossing in my bed

The End

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