Under Siege

I grabbed up my weapons, slinging my rifle across my back and placing my already-holstered pistol back onto my belt, then took my cart and rushed to the hardware section. I picked up planks, boards, anything we could use to barricade the doors, along with tools - drills, nails, screws, hammers, and so on. I turned to pass a tool to Mitchell, but found that he didn't reach to take it. At first, I feared the worst, but then I turned back more to look and realized that he was just standing there, a shocked, horrified expression glued to his face. I snapped my fingers twice in front of his face, which seemed to get his attention.

"Here," I said. "Take these." I handed him a pile of wood, a drill and a box of screws and pointed at the main door, the one that seemed to be in the most immediate danger. I headed down the aisle to turn around, passing the pharmacy on my way. Wait a minute - what was that? I could hear an odd noise, a rattling and scraping, like someone was slapping a loose doorknob. Then, realization hitting me, I turned to look. Sure enough, The back door of the pharmacy was shaking and rattling. It half-turned, and I could tell it was only a matter of time before the infected figured out how the damned door worked. I immediately slapped a board into place, then took out a drill and some screws, preparing to nail the door shut. However, before I could do anything more, the door burst open. There stood a man, bloodied and bruised, with a huge chunk missing from his neck. He lunged through the door and into me, pinning me to the pharmacy counter. Forunately, I didn't drop the battery-operated power drill. I immediately pulled the trigger to start the bit spinning, and jammed the drill into the man's temple. He fell back after a moment, and I did not hesitate to shove him off of me and stand up.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, NO! I cursed. Some others had taken advantage of their friend's attack to enter the store. I roared as loudly as I could, praying the other two would hear me in time.

"RYAN! MITCH! ZOMBIES, BACK PHARMACY!" I grabbed my knife off of the counter - my old one, not the brand-new one - and immediately lunged, grabbing an unsuspecting zombie from the nearest aisle and jamming the blade into its neck. The thing went limp, so I dropped it and moved to the net one. After several more kills, Ryan appeared, gun in hand.

"You okay?" She asked, out of breath.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How about you? Where's Mitchell?"

"I- I don't know, I lost him." No. It was happening again. It couldn't happen again, not already. Ryan continued talking. "We need to get this door sealed!"

"You work on that," I answered, "I'm going after the kid."

Ryan nodded, and we went our separate ways. I ran to the front of the store, carefully searching for Mitchell, and she worked frantically to seal the door. Soon, I found Mitchell. He looked mostly okay. He was in the hardware department, clutching that pet of his.

"Are you okay, Mitch?"

The End

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