Ryan Gomez


Ryan felt her heart near burst at what she caught of the distant words, her legs leaping up and running madly to where Owen was, by the front entrance, and stopping when she saw what had caused the ruckus. He had taken down some of the boards over the windows, revealing a sight that struck Ryan dumb. A swarm, a massive, writhing swarm of the damned things were beating at the doors, clearly aware of the live, uninfected within the building. She muttered a few curses but, gathering herself up, moved to address the two watching the outside world.

“We need to make some kind of barricade, keep them out as long as we can.”

Owen nodded, even as the Mitchell kid stared on. Probably never saw anything like that in school. Ryan almost pitied him.

“There’s a bit of a hardware section,” Owen started, pointing to a store department, “I saw some tools and other wood back there.”

It was Ryan’s turn to nod this time, jogging to the area with the shopping carts and rolling one to each of her companions before grabbing her own.

“Get all you can. This store’s going into lockdown.”

The End

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