Fight or Flight

"There yah go." I said, holding a piece of cheese out for Rufius to nibble on. The Ferret squeak with delight as it ate it's dinner.

I was sitting against the wall at the back of the Walmart after my small shopping trip. The place was cold, as the heater probably hadn't been on in days, but I was surprised that the large dude, Owen, had managed to restore some power. In fact, even though the place wasn't much, I felt the safest I had among the two then I had in a while; probably because they were both heavy weapon fans. Not to mention they had practically made the place a makeshift fort.  

I hadn't known anyone was here when the bus had crashed. Looking back on it, I realized it was a big risk running towards the Walmart in our Country's state. It could have easily been zombie infested. Or some maniac might have taken it over and shot me dead in my tracks. When people first heard about the outbreaks, and what those monsters could do to people, only one thing mattered anymore: food. And with all the guns people had, any type of store that held anything as little as a candy bar became war zones. 

I decided not to tell the others about Rufius, partly due to the fact that pets became extra useless mouths to feed and also due to my bad social skills. Ryan, and what was the dudes name again? Owen? Were complete opposites from me. They were warriors. People of action. All I had managed to get my hands on was a baseball bat, which I have yet to use.

Still, they seemed friendly enough, though I feel a little out of place around them. It left an uneasy question in my mind though. Do I stay or go?

To my side cluttered on the floor was my backpack's spilled content: my bat, my dads pistol, newly acquired cans and can opener, books of survival, my sleeping bag, the binoculars, walkie-talkies with fresh batteries and a radio. 

And the map. Still wet with not quite dried blood and burnt edges. On it was the location to the safe zone the evacuation bus was suppose to, but never arrived at. I wasn't sure where it was: I hadn't looked at it yet. It didn't feel right, so soon after stealing it from the bus drivers dead hands. That's how I know I'm not a warrior. because the deaths of strangers still haunted me.

Oh come on Mitchell. People that can kill aren't soulless.

In fact, when he looked at the other two and they weren't talking, it seemed like both of them were in a distant daze, still imagining the horrors of recent events. Everyone he came across had held that gaze. I probably had it too, and I just never saw it. Rufius might be the only happy soul left in the world, by the look he had while finishing his dinner. Even the world ending didn't bring his simple spirits down.

In fact me and him were lucky. If my parents had died gruesomely, at least I didn't know. Didn't witness it...

He was my only family now, Rufius. We were on our own. So now came the tough questions. Do we stay or go? Do I tell the other two about the safe zone, or not?

I could feel my eyelids growing heavy. I crawled into my sleeping bag, and decided I would think more in the morning.

Just when I was finally about to slip into sleep, I heard a holler from Owen. "Mayday Mayday! We have Zombies outside!"

The End

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