Crash and Burn

Mitchell McRoe

When I wake up, we're still driving.

It takes me awhile to remind myself what exactly happened; back in the city, back in the crazy. I look down in my lap and can see that Rufius got a good nights sleep. He's up staring out the window, like he usually. I think he's watching the countryside roll by, but I'm not sure.

It cloudy overhead, and rain is bombarding the windows. I shift in my seat, Rufius whining with annoyance, and look behind me. To my surprise, and I really thought I was starting to go crazy, but half the people that had been on before were now gone. I look to the front and I see the bus driver had changed too. What had happened while I was asleep?

"Excuse me," I call to the bus driver. Before the bus driver was a woman, and now it was a man.

"Yeah, kid, I'm trying to watch the road, so talk quick." He said, his eyes on the road.

"Um...did some people get off? I'm afraid I've been asleep since..." oh crap, what time was it? How long had I been asleep?

"It's been about 5 hours since most of the buses were instructed to leave the city, though many rushed out early due to those crudders over-running the place. Well we were instructed to relocate everyone who got out to one of the military bases nearby for refreshments and food before finally traveling to our final safe-zone locations." He explained, his eyes still on the road.

"That's a lot of detail..."

"Well apparently the government had this plan all along, to evacuate as much people as they could via buses in a time of chaos." 

"So then where are the other survivors?"

"Well, the government didn't plan for...walking dead monster mutants. The rendezvous point was just outside the city, in the suburbs. People got off to recuperate and try to find relocate family and friends if that was possible. But it was quickly overrun about 45 minutes after our bus arrived. Instead of waiting for people to get back on, we just hit the breaks and ran for it."

"Oh..." Mitchell shivered. Goosebumps started spreading up his arms ans down his back. He had slept through it all. An outbreak just in his midst. He was always a tough sleeper, but he never thought he could sleep through a crisis. How easy it could have been for one of them to have climbed on board instead and....

No wonder Rufius was awake when he woke up. He was probably afraid of another attack.

"Yeah. I can't tell how many others survived. That's why I'm not stopping till we reach our designated safe zone."

"Oh," Mitchell said, "Where's that?"

"A valley in northern New York. Suppose to be heavily secured by the military."

"Ah..." the bus driver continued talking, but Mitchell drifted off into thought again. First he tried imagining all the victims to this outbreak, the ones he'd encountered personally; the police officer, the girl. Then he imagined what was happening world wide, how countries that didn't really have an organized military were handling this. And what about his family? his mom and dad? Were they still alive? Where would they decide to go if they had managed to get to relative safety? Where was relative safety?

Before he knew it, he found himself silently crying. He hadn't been prepared to go on his own in the world, not this soon. He didn't want to be an orphan yet. Finally the crying stopped as he realized he would reach safety soon, and he would be able to make out a plan in hopes of finding his parents.

The bus rocked to the side as it made a sharp curve around a corner. We had entered a small town, one empty of zombies but still smelled of rot.

"Oh crap..." The bus driver cursed. And then I saw it. The wreck. The pile of cars and the burning crown of fire encasing it. The dead bodies and smell of burning flesh And how there was no time to stop.

I shielded Rufius just in time before the bus came crashing to a stop. The front shattered as it charged into the wreckage. The bus tipped over and fell on it's side, all the while people were screaming and glass was shattering. I was on the right side of the bus, so I was lucky enough to land quickly onto solid concrete and glass. People on the other side though had a much tougher fall.

I heard a ringing in my ears. Smoke filled my lungs, I couldn't breath. I could feel Rufius' agitation as well. I tried to gain my footing. I saw a map on the floor next to the bus drivers, now dead, body. Maybe it was a map to the safe zone? I grabbed it and then my backpack in my seat and climbed out of the dead shell of the bus. Looking back down into the bus I found only two other people had survived. It was ridiculous this kept happening. More and more people were dyeing, even on a simple journey. Just went to show how dangerous our world had become. 

I couldn't see any zombies, but I could smell their rot. It wouldn't be long till they arrived. Where could I go? Most of the town was boarded up. Then, I spotted it. The Wallmart. I knew it wouldn't be a great location, but it was better then a burning bus. I jumped of the bus and ran for the Wallmart, faster then I ever thought I would run to a Wallmart before. 



The End

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