Dash and Splatters

Mitchell McRoe (Mature Warning)


A million questions seemed to overload my mind in that one second. 

Are they here?

How did they get here?

How many are there?

Where's everyone running?

Should I start running?

Of course, I wasn't saying anything out loud. I bet if you had looked at me in that moment, you would have seen a tall, lanky kid scanning his surroundings, staring at the screaming crowds with a clueless, if not expressionless face. A furry little ferret would have been perched on my shoulder, and the suitcase at my side would have proved I was traveling. The messy hair would show I was somewhat careless, but the book hanging from my hand might have implied I was intelligent. Or antisocial....

You probably know as well as I do that looks can be deceiving. I was panicking on the inside. Breaking, even. In the past couple of days, I had seen more destruction then I could say for my entire life. The world around me was crumbling into chaos, and dying. Only to return as some sort of....person? Possessed monster fits the description much better. Masses of people were warping into these, things, and killing others with them. I'd even heard rumors that people were eating other people. I like to think that isn't true.

Many cities have been blacking out, and even worse I haven't been able to reach my parents. I have no food, no money,  and now, no way to get home. 

I can feel the faint breath of Rufius' sniffing in my ear. I can tell he too, knows something's up. 

"Evacuate the station as quickly as possible!" Shouts a police officer into the megaphone. As if he needs to encourage the already stampeding masses. The weird thing is though, news broadcasters on the T.V. gave a few warning signs if dead were in the area. First you'd smell rot, and then you'd hear moans. All I can hear is the roar of screams. 

Then I see a person shamble up to the Officer. He had moved quietly, slowly. I'm not sure were he came from. I realize he's...it's one of the dead. The megaphone crackles as the Police Officer drops it to the floor and heads for his gun. The monster is quick though. It lunges at the Officer and....bites him. The Office is screaming as the creature chews on him. Blood....blood is everywhere on the floor near him.

Then the my brain must have made a subconcious decision. I place Rufius in my front hoodie pocket, where I normally carry him (He doesn't mind, he's use to it and there's always enough space.) and charge for the exits, leaving my suitcase in the dust. 

So, the rumors were true, they do eat people. Or just takes bites out of them, I'm not sure what they do is considered eating. I spot more at the front doors and realize there are more of them there. I take to the stairs and head to the second floor of the station, rushing up the escalator. 

The golden lights of the station are starting to flicker now. I have to get out of there before the lights go out permanently. Have to get out of the city. It wasn't infested when I had arrived, even in the midst of the breakout. But since they are here, that only means a matter of time before the military roles in, and blows the place to rubble. Just like London, Tokyo, Chicago and Toronto. I even think Moscow might have been nuked, though it will never be known for sure.

Finally, on the second floor, I am I able to find my way to the parking lots. The only cars left here are broken down ones, like empty abandoned shells. I am able to exit the parking lot and into the city, where more chaos is overflowing. Most of the creatures are distracting chasing other people, but it won't be long until one of them notices me. 

The streets, Oh my God, they smell awful. Blood and dead flesh. Red is splattered everywhere...I cover my knows with my elbow, and panic when I realize, for a second time, there is no where to go. 

Then I see the bus. It's being defended by military soldiers, who are starting to become easily overwhelmed by the massive hordes. Behind them, people are rushing to get on board. I make a dash to the bus, and am able to get on just in time before the soldiers are overwhelmed. They disappear underneath a mountain of bodies. There are more people outside the bus, but on board people are shouting for the bus drive to go. He gives in to pressure and crams the doors shut. People outside begin screaming. They are attacked by un-dead as others are nearly run over by the bus. One of the last people, a girl, about my age, has her face and palms to the window. She's crying. All I can do is stare, and finally shes pulled to the ground by one of the things. As it does so, the bus takes off, and we leave the massacre in a rush.

It takes awhile, navigating the debree and dead, but in less then 20 minutes we are out of the city. 

Relief washes over me, but only a little bit. I still see flashes of the girl in my head. I take Rufius out of my pocket, and set him on my lap. He falls asleep comfortably, but I ride the bus fully awake, full of dread long after we have long cleared the city. All the while, I keep thinking of her. The girl. And how she's no longer a girl anymore.

The End

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