Individual Reader Response Journal

     In Life As We Knew It Miranda's life got turned up side down. Everyones lives did. Natural disasters were everywhere, people were dieing, and food was scarce. In chapter twelve of Life As We Knew It Miranda says " Seeing all those cans and boxes and bags of food made me mad, like why are we starving ourselves when we still have food?" Miranda's mother didn't know what was going to happen in future, but she was preparing for the worst. Life changed so much when the moon moved into Earths orbit and who's to say it's not going to change more.

     As time passes after the moon falls into Earths orbit it affects the aquatic levels and other natural elements. Volcanoes erupt, tsunamis and floods occur, and nothing is as it should be. Families move to safer places, as far away from the natural disasters as possible, others go missing, and some die. Miranda and her family remain in their home. You would think that all of this would have a very severe affect on Miranda. Miranda continued to stay strong and be positive. Then her friend dies, and it was tragic. Miranda is not okay but she is surviving.

The End

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