Individual Reader Response Journal

  I have very high regard for someone that has the patience to write a book, and Life As We Knew It Is very creative and original. However, Life As We Knew It does not interest me what so ever. The text In this book Is nicely written, as well as carefully thought out, and the events that occur are very interesting. In chapter 7 of Life As We Knew It, when Miranda Goes to see her friends, one of her friends talks about God It made no sense to me. I concluded that my opinions towards God were in fact slightly alter due to what Miranda's friend said. As a result of volcanoes, along with other natural disasters, Miranda and her family are preparing for the side affects of them all. If I were In a similar situation as the people In this book I would gather supplies just like Miranda and her family did, and although I do agree with this act, I would have to disagree with people In there town leaving. 

The End

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