Incoherent nonsense

This poem has little to no meaning. At all. Like, none. This is merely a fun creative exercise I like to do that involves writing things off the top of my head. I plan to continually edit this as this grows longer and longer.
I decided to spice things up a bit, and try to incorporate words and phrases submitted VIA COMMENT BOX :D into the nonsense.

I plan to add to this as I go. Fun times?

Who is not a metaphor
A garden in distress
Is loving such an awful chore
A flying polka dress

I cannot say things on my mind
I lost it years ago
I came to tie my shoes with lies
And work until I go.

A stable core is all I need
Eight robots in disguise
I write things that I cannot read
And bake existing pies.

Stepping up when you step down
Flight and out of sight
Kissing booths don't need to know
That dying is my right

Superficial soccer moms
With poodles painted black
Doing good and righting wrongs
In hidden clothing racks

Running in a road race
My steps are out of line
Mud can't try to save face
All wrapped up in twine

Grubs are more than playthings
Sadists don't eat dirt
Bacon eats what they bring
Words are meant to hurt.

The End

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