Roxanne: UnsatisfiedMature

The city below shook so violently one might have wondered if there was a random earthquake. Of course that wasn't why. I glowered out into the starry night sky, consumed by a towering rage. It had been a long while, many centuries in fact, since I'd been this angry. At that moment, I jumped from the building and landed in an abandoned dark alley.

I'd never been so ashamed of who I was. I wasn't proud to call myself the fourth daughter of Lucifer. Usually I take pride in who I am, but not now. Not after what he'd done. He just can't get enough of women. I swear it wouldn't matter if she was the ugliest person alive-- in fact, I would have rathered he slept with the ugliest person, but no, he had to go sleep with a frickin' angel! Ugh, I was utterly repulsed and disgusted by the news I'd just recently come to know.

There was a sixth child.

"Argh!" I nearly screamed out in my frustration and banged my fist against the brick wall. If I had been human, I would have most likely broken my hand, as the brick cracked and crumbled into dust as it fell at my feet. I listened intently to the sounds of the city, the cars rushing by, the people walking aimlessly to nowhere in particular, as well as the many other sounds waking the city of its slumber. My forearm burned and I pushed up the sleeve to expose the black serpent tattoo that wound eeriely around my wrist and forearm. I ran my fingers along the length of the tattoo and watched as it slithered off my arm, dropping onto the pavement. "You know what to do, my pet." I instructed.

The snake wound its way through the crowded streets, unseen by the human eye. I watched as it struck at random people, quick as the blink of an eye, slashing through their bodies, spilling their dark blood onto the pavement. One by one, it slaughtered unfortunate victims, bloodlust raging through its scally skin.

Feeding frenzy. I thought, not tearing my eyes from the gruesome scene before me. I listened to the people cry out in terror, scream in pain, and panic like children home alone at night, and yet, I somehow remained to be furious at my father. Usually gore makes me happy, it's just part of my nature, but the disturbing news was still true, haunting me and my brothers and sisters.

Even when the murder was done, and the snake slithered back to me, I was still unsatisfied.

The End

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